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Security Windows

Security screens can easily be fixed to your windows, providing great ventilation and protection for your home.

Benefits of installing security screens on your windows:

  • Confidence when sleeping with a window open at night
  • Ventilation for your home throughout the year
  • Keeping pets outside - while still enjoying ventilation
  • A deterrent for burglars
  • Installation of One Way Mesh creates privacy Types of Windows Screens

Fixed in place permanently:

  • Fixed, with a small hinged panel at the bottom and insect mesh
  • Hinged, with push locks to lock into the window sill
  • Sliding, with a locking device
  • Window restrictors can also be installed, allowing you to open your window to a
  • certain point

Mesh Types:

  • Fibreglass- Standard mesh used in our Security Screen Doors
  • One way- You can see out, but visitors/neighbours/intruders cannot see into
    your house
  • Pet Proof (Paw Proof)- Perfect for a home with animals. Ultra-strong vinyl-coated polyester mesh, to resist damage by dogs and cats

Grille Types:

  • 103- Standard grille for our security doors
  • 106- Larger- commercial. When fixed on a window you can fit your hand out to open the window
  • 125- Smallest version


Security Doors are fitted differently, depending on whether your existing joinery is wooden or aluminum. 

  • Wooden joinery does not need an extra frame when installing a security window
  • Aluminum joinery requires a build-out or adaptor frame due to the design of the aluminum

Installed by the experts 

  • Installation can be completed in as little as 15 minutes
  • Please note that although installation is a fast process, it may take up to three weeks between measure and quote and installation, due to sourcing products from suppliers
  • Winter is a great time to install a door - we can have it done quickly as there is no waiting list