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Pet Doors

Many people don’t realize that Pet Doors can be fitted into Security Screen Doors, providing easy access for your pet to your Auckland home.

Please note that pet doors can only be fitted in Security Doors with grilles. We do not fit pet doors into Insect Screen doors or Glass Doors.

Install a Pet Door in your Security Door today. While we are there, we can re-mesh your door with Paw Proof, our extra strong mesh- perfect for people with pets. 

We are also able to do a straight forward framed cutout to work in with existing pet door on your front or back entrance door.

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Features of Pet Doors: 

  • Reasonably priced
  • Plastic door installed in a mesh screen
  • Available in black or white
  • Magnetic closure
  • Can be fitted on site, without taking off the door
  • Fits simply into a security door using adapter brackets
  • UV stablilised plastic

Different sizes – 

  • Small – opening size - 240mm high and 190mm wide
  • Large – opening size - 400mm high and 260m wide